Friday, November 24, 2006


Is Butler now a quality loss?

Or do they have to beat Gonzaga first?

At least we stayed within 5 points of the mighty Dawgs.

Why I love College Basketball, reason # ... ummm ... I've lost track.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I know I'd slow down - unless the old lady's in the car...

What bikinis?

This movie was made by the Danish Road Safety Council and aims to draw attention to speed signs and speed limits in Denmark. Despite a decrease in speed violations, 7 out of 10 Danes still exceed the speed limit on a regular basis. Respecting the speed limits is the simplest way to save lives.
- from

WARNING: Tits-a-poppin!

Monday, November 20, 2006


The weekend in sports mostly sucked.

My fantasy team has gone south - after that 5-0 start I have now dropped to 6-5, unless Jeremy Shockey somehow accounts for 60 points -like THAT will happen. Depleted by injuries and schedule and there just aren't any quality replacements out there. I need to hope I make the playoffs and then go on a run.

The football Hoosiers lost to the PUkes 28-19 after blowing several opportunities in a game they coulda - shoulda - won. Unfortunately, all that counts is the score and we were on the wrong end.

The futball Hoosiers lost in a shootout (5-4) to UCSB. A goal-that-wasn't was only the icing on on a generally sorry day on offense.

The basketball Hoosiers did manage to thump Chicago State after nearly losing to Indiana State, but we still have a long row to hoe to get back to being truly competitive.

The Colts win streak is history. Even worse, they lost to Dallas. I wasn't entertaining any illusion they would go undefeated - the defense is suspect and we've played too many close games to think we were going to pull them all out. But I really dislike Dallas. Now let's get ready for the playoffs.

Jimmie Johnson won the Nextel Cup. I'm not much of a NASCAR fan - open wheel is where it's at - but I feel toward Junior fans pretty much like I feel toward PUkes, pUKes, Skankees, Cowgirls and any Chicago team's fans. A loss for you makes my day brighter! And, since nothing rankles a Junior fan as much as a Hendrick Motorsports team taking the title and, better still, Jeff Gordon is his car owner, I say, "Yay, Jimmie!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Just to make sure I get it in before Saturday...

I'm predicting a win*, and it sure would be nice to win the Bucket and get bowl eligible AND beat the PUkes at Kool-Aid stadium in W. Layflat.

Given our track record, maybe I should lay off the hash brownies. They're as bad for my brain cells as they are for my waistline.

Last night the Hoosiers beat the Lafayette Leopards of the Patriot League in round one of the NIT Season Tip Off Tourney or whatever the heck they are calling it. Tonight, the Hoosiers take on the mighty Butler Bulldogs of the Pioneer League, who beat Notre Dame of the Big East last night.

Once again, I will be in the balcony - thanks Ticketmaster, you schmucks - cheering the Hoosiers on to victory.

11/15 UPDATE: Yeah, THAT happened. Hoosiers go down 60-55. The Bulldogs have a nice team and the Hoosiers were exposed as being basically clueless on offense. I suppose it comes from having to learn a new system and ... ah, &*%$, who cares? We'll try to get the next one. Congrats to the Bulldogs! May they win the whole thing!

The Hoosier futballers open their quest for yet another NCAA championship against Northern Illinois tomorrow night.

*Bear in mind I can edit this.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Here it is - Friday...

And time for a few more random musings.

I've been drifting and, while I have been absorbing reams of information and processing it okay, nothing is clicking. That's okay. Based on past experience, there's a change in my life coming and all will return to abnormal.

First, a recommendation - if the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is coming to your area, see them. I caught them at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indy Wednesday night and had a wonderful time. I'm not the world's most experienced concert goer, but I'd rate the show in the top 2 or 3 I've attended.

TSO is a rock-classical music hybrid who made their rep with a Christmas CD and relentless touring in the fall and winter months. They now have 3 Christmas CD's and an non-Christmas offering (Beethoven's Last Night) and are preparing to release another, to be called Night Castle.

TSO is a side project of the prog-metal band Savatage. The song Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) from the CD Dead Winter Dead became a surprise hit and the TSO was born.

Anyway - if you think Beethoven played at ear splitting volume by metal musicians backed by strings with danged HOT opera singers singing and dancing while pyrotechnics and a laser light show is going on, then TSO is just the ticket.

After last week's debacle in Minneapolis, the Hoosiers are home to Michigan tomorrow. Stranger things have happened, but I think we go into West Layflat needing a win to even the record at 6-6 and become bowl eligible.

Monday and Tuesday I'll be back at Conseco to see the Hoosiers in the pre-season NIT, along with Notre Dame, Butler and Lafayette College.

Last but not least - the election.

I voted. Libertarian again. Republicans suck and Democrats blow. Blah, blah, HUMBUG!

At least I've pretty much given up all pretence that I care anymore. Somebody call me when the revolution starts. Just be aware that I may not be as discriminating in my choice of targets as you might like.

Thursday, November 02, 2006



Wow. I guess I need to get caught up!

10/21 I guess I should have bet the farm. O$U thumped us but good.

10/28 The next opponent was Michigan State, which absorbed a 46-21 thrashing from the Hoosiers on a chilly, windy day in Bloomington. The game wasn't as close as the final score. The Hoosiers got sloppy in the final quarter and the Spartans got a couple of scores in garbage time.

I saw the game in person with my wife who was ostensibly a MSU fan - she is a Michigander (Michigoose?) by birth and has referred to the block IU as the Devil's pitchfork for the 25 years we've been married. I note that the wife was clapping along with the IU faithful by game's end. She has been here for 25 years now and is more Hoosier than she thinks.

The IU campus may be the most beautiful in the Big Ten, BTW. It's a great place to see a football game and the price is unquestionably the best in the Big Ten.

Minnesota is the Hoosiers next opponent. Win and we're bowl eligible. Lose and we have to beat Michigan at home or Purdue at West Layflat, neither of which is likely given recent history. It's not like we enjoy a heckuva lot of success against the Wolverines and our last visit to Ross-Ade got our coach fired following a truly inspiring performance - 63-24 was the final score.

The Colts are at Gillette for a game against the Patriots. It'd sure be nice to get them in the Dome for a change. I'd like to know what the scheduling gods have against us.

After two straight losses, the Fantasy Hoosiers returned to their winning ways last weekend. I am tied for 1st place with Fort Knocks.

10/31 The fairy princess (#1) and the puppy dog (#4) were over to go trick-or-treat tonight and made quite the haul. Wife and DiL were chilled by the end of the evening. I volunteered to stay with #5, who came as herself and required nothing more than a place to crash, which she did. And was quite cute about it.

Peyton Manning (#2) and the buzzy bee (#3) made an appearance to show off their haul. They had gone to Delphi for the evening.

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