Tuesday, April 05, 2016


RPWL - Wanted

It's hardly news that most Euro prog is irreligious at best and atheist at worst. Bands like IQ, who put out generally good albums drop the obligatory anti-Christian lyric in one or two cuts on every one of their releases. Normally I can ignore it, go with the flow and generally just enjoy the music.

I like RPWL. I've got most of their albums. It's not news that they're not Christians. "God Has Failed" was their first album. Big hint, huh? Still, RPWL is an automatic buy for me. Or was.

You'd have thought they'd have got it out of their system by now. After all, it's been 14 years and most people grow up. But apparently I needed to be beat over the head with anti-Christian nonsense on the latest release I downloaded, "Wanted," which is a never ending screed against religion, and managed to irritate the hell out of me.

"Misguided Thought"

"We’re still concealing
That the concept of one god is the ruin of all wisdom
So keep on breathing"

Well, um...I'll keep that in mind.

"The Attack"

Did you believe we wouldn’t unmask the lie
Your concept of god vs the concept of life

Your sick morality distorts what Is true
Instead of health we find salvation of souls



This is your god, god of love
On condition of belief, belief in lies here lies no truth,
Truth can never be your creed,
You believe what you’re allowed not for want of what you need

Really/ I should have lies be my creed? This lyricist is an idiot.


Wanted convicted by the helpers of the priest
Hunted, indicted for knowledge of release
Wanted, the story wasn’t written in our plans
Hunted the higher human being in our hands

"Hide and Seek"

Haunted by the ghosts of Paul 

(The lyricist has something against Paul for some reason. He gets hit in another song too.)

 All alone i waited for hours and hours and hours and....

Who brings the good news to the poor?
When belief is the sight of the blind
And shadow reigns over the light
Holy apathy is all you can find

"New Dawn"

And the spirits caged in minds
Too much fear that makes us blind
I call that religious
Repressing difference building walls
No tolerance at all
That’s what I call religious

By now you get the idea. Not exactly the atheist version of von Goethe here.

They managed not to piss me off with "Perfect Day," but by that point I'd already had enough. "Wanted" is not wanted and will land in my never "playlist." I'm just sorry I paid for it.

The music is pretty typical RPWL, which is to say excellent. I just wish someone would've gagged the singer.

Of course, the opposite of RPWL's "religion" - which they get utterly wrong, of course - is vapid, New Agey stupidity. I expect that from a lot of Euro prog bands too, and RPWL has it here in spades. It's like listening to a poorly educated, asshole 8th grader's juvenile metaphysical musings set to lousier poetry. Blech. The bad part is that if they'd have stuck to that I could have at least tolerated it. "World Through My Eyes" wasn't bad after all.

At least they avoided the neo-pagan (or heathen, whatever) garbage I love so little, so there's that.

Just for inflicting "Wanted" on me, I'm going to find an nzb file copy of "Plays Pink Floyd" and download it for free.

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