Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Who has time to post?

This riding season was a blast.

I have been to Nebraska - a whole lotta flat. Stayed with my sister in Omaha and toured the area a bit. Stopped at Homstead Nat'l Park and hiked a bit. Stopped at the Lewis and Clark Museum overlooking the Missouri River in Platte. Nice time.

Iowa SR2 is a long, but relatively scenic route, especially in loess hills region - much better than I-80.

US 36 through Kansas is interminable, although a stop at the Pony Express museum was interesting for a quick stop.

US 136 in NW Missouri was sweet, but getting off on some of the state and county roads is a treat. Nothing quite like coming over the top of a hill, dropping under a power line and topping the next hill to find 90 degree turn just over the summit. Keeps you AWAKE.

Outran a weather front through Central Illinois on US 136 on the way back.

Made several weekenders in Michigan (both peninsulas) - the UP is spectacular and my favorite restaurant for fish chowder is in Epoufette. Muskegon, MI for Bike Time, which I decided to attend instead of the Boogie. Much more family friendly.

Muskegon, MI - Bike Time (July 2012)

Caught a good concert, drank some beer, made some acquaintances. Good time.

Made numerous other small jaunts and day trips around Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Kentucky. Many thousands of miles and a case of Monkey Butt later, here it is February and I'm itching to go.

What use is global warming if I can't tour the Old Northwest in February?


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