Monday, October 16, 2006


Basketball season is here!

Midnight Madness Friday night!

Eric Gordon commits to IU!

Life is good.

"Basketball really had its beginning in Indiana, which remains today in the center of the sport." ~Dr. James Naismith

But we're still playing meaningful football games! Go IU!

Indiana 31 - #15 Iowa 28

Life is really good.

Hoeppner is the MAN!

Just wish we could have won the two games against SIU and UConn - both of which were eminently winnable.

Next up - O$U! Not likely to win at the Horseshoe against #1, but the last two weeks have been fun.

O$U is a 35 point favorite - not sure I'd bet the farm on that. IU was an 18 point dog to Iowa...

Need da Bears to win 42-0...

...and generate a couple of defensive TO's and scores.

Fantasy FB sucks when half your starters are off for Bye Week.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


All is right with the universe - at least until Saturday.

The Hoosiers came back to beat Illannoy at the buzzer 34-32, the PUkes got creamed by Iowa, the Colts are 5-0, and so is my fantasy squad.

Never one to leave sleeping gift horses to lie ...

My Hoosiers play those same Hawkeyes Saturday, the PUkes may not lose, the Colts looked like crap against the Titans, and half my fantasy squad is taking the week off.

NBA practice is underway and the Pacers are doing their damnedest to emulate the Jailblazers, but I won't get into basketball just yet.

OTOH, the Yankees are toast. Long Live the Tigers!

I love sports!


I know it's not Halloween yet, but...

see if this won't make you lose your lunch...

When I was working in DC Teddy was often to be seen looking much worse than this. Without handlers, minders, caffeine providers and fawning minions, he lapses into his natural self. Which, amusing as all the suggestions posted here may be, is actually Jabba the Hut. With every Democratic female under the age of 35 playing the part of Princess Leia, whether she wants to or not.
Posted by: AskMom on October 10, 2006 02:06 PM on IMAO

Check out the link for even scarier stuff!

Friday, October 06, 2006


It's Friday.

Danged if my fantasy opponent didn't get to within 9 pts when all was said and done. Green did not play and the Eagles destroyed the Packers. Thank goodness the Eagles pulled McNabb in the 4th or I might have lost!


The Hoosiers travel to Champaign to take on the Illwhini tomorrow. It might just be the last shot we have at a win for the rest of 2006.

Go Hoosiers!


Onomotopeia, every time I see ya, my senses tell me Hubba and I just can't disagree.

(courtesy of Todd Rundgren, who, if he hadn't written a smarmy break-up song when I was going through a divorce and drinking heavily - among other things - so I bought the album it was on and it also contained the ditty that the above snippet is from, should be shot. No, we can't be friends dammit.)


I hate when stuff like that leaks out of my brain.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Monday, Monday...

My Hoosiers went on to lose to Wisconsin 52-17. And it wasn't that close.


The Colts won a sloppy game against the Jets at the Meadowlands. How long did that game-ending lateral fest last in real time? An hour? Yeesh. Next up is the woeful Titans.

Question of the week: Too many to list. Jacksonville looks like the second coming of the Bears defense in weeks one and two and...what happened?

Colts have a two game lead after four weeks. We need the cushion. We haven't looked sharp yet.

My fantasy team - also the Hoosiers - is unbeaten after four weeks. Although this week's matchup won't be decided until after tonight's game, I have a 49 point lead and I don't think that my opponent can make it up in one game. I still have points on the table with Green at RB for the Packers.

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