Thursday, June 25, 2009



In the dim recesses of memory, all the faces of my youth look the same now as they did when. Angela, Kathy, Cecil, Terry and all the other friends, acquaintances, lovers and enemies of my past haven't changed at all. On the rare occasions when I encounter any of them, there is a momentary struggle to match the latest incarnation of an old friend to my memories. Pop icons are no different.

I can't say I was ever a fan of Michael Jackson, but there was no escaping him. He was on the cover of every fan mag and tabloid for the last 40 years. With his increasingly bizarre behavior and the sad, strange caricature of himself that he became, it's hard to believe that this normal kid became the media's favorite train wreck of the past decade or so.

Michael Jackson and I had little in common. He was a male, born a Hoosier and 50. That was about it. Today, we have even less in common, as he is no longer sucking air. Jackson had issues and demons I'll never face. I wouldn't trade places with him for all his money. While I certainly don't condone his actions or his "lifestyle," I try not to cheerlead for the devil. So here's hoping that Michael stands before his Maker and is shown the mercy none of us deserve.


On the wall in my office is a Snap-On clock of early '80's vintage, I'd guess. The lovely young model who posed for the photo that is on the face of that clock is probably at least 45 now. I know she has more than a few admirers a third of her age because the model in that 27 year old picture is as lovely now as she was then and will remain until the end of time - or of that clock at any rate...

The Farrah Fawcett of 2009 is not the same person as the youthful Farrah of 1976. If you came of age in the 70's, chances are you either had this poster or knew someone who did. In 1976 I was a senior in high school. This poster was everywhere. 33 years later, the subject of the photo, and the object of so many young men's fantasies, is dead.

Rest in peace, Farrah Fawcett.

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