Wednesday, August 08, 2007


When I was a kid...

30 years ago, it was a no brainer. The humidity and temperature would race to see which could get to 100 fastest. As kids we'd stand around under shade trees (if one larger than a sapling could be found in the nearly treeless wastes of suburbia) and suck down sodas and munch popsicles and talk about how hot it was while we did what kids do anyway.

Global warming?



Now, the media blathers on about the heat wave (My God! 6 more days of 90+ degrees will be a new record!*) and the freaking Gorons wax eloquent over the impending doom of mankind due to global warming. Half a dozen old farts (Count me in!) croak due to heat related stress on already stressed hearts (Pass me another cheeseburger, Martha!) and the panic is on!

Guess what?

It's August. Gets like this every year.

Shaddup already.

*Ummm, not! There have been times on Earth when 30 days of 90 degree highs would have been a cool spell. Look it up.


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