Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Obama Administration goes full(er) retard...

....if that's possible. From the AP:
The U.S. is not cooperating or sharing intelligence with the Assad government, Pentagon and State Department spokesmen said. But the U.S. flights are occurring in eastern Syria, away from most of Syria's air defenses. And experts expressed doubt that Syria would attempt to shoot down American aircraft that are paving the way for a possible bombing campaign against Assad's enemies. ... "In an effort to avoid unintentionally strengthening the Syrian government, the White House could seek to balance strikes against the Islamic State with attacks on Assad regime targets.
However, that option is largely unappealing to the president given that it could open the U.S. to the kind of long-term commitment to Syria's stability that Obama has sought to avoid.
I take my headline back. Obama's foreign policy is an insult to the mentally challenged. I'm pretty sure a decently educated 8th grader could outperform this bunch of asshats. Hat tip to

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