Wednesday, July 02, 2008


eMusic and MediaMaster

I very rarely - maybe never - write to recommend a product or service. Today, I'm going to recommend two. eMusic and MediaMaster.

I have been an eMusic member for about five months. For $19.95 per month I get 75 downloads to use as I see fit. I've burned all my credits every month and have to talk myself out of buying more. Sure, it requires some mining, and it helps if you're not limited to Top 40, or one particular genre. I you're looking for Mariah Carey or Bruce Springsteen stuff, then eMusic isn't for you, but I could spend my monthly allotment of 75 credits just in classical music in the next hour. In just the past couple of weeks, I downloaded new releases from Maddy Prior (of Steeleye Span fame) and Symphony X.

Hell, I have more in my "Saved for Later" bin than credits I'll have available in the next year.

Music can be searched by artist, song, album or label. Want to know what music from Shanachie or Vanguard is available? Just check! One other cool feature of eMusic is the fact that my downloads are stored online, so I can download them again for free if I need to.

$19.95 for 75 credits works out to $.27 per song, which beats the hell out of iTunes. Check out eMusic.


You just can't beat free. MediaMaster has my entire collection of downloaded music stored in one spot, accessible from anyplace on the web. My music can be streamed to compatible devices and can even be shared. It features an easy to use interface. I was able to upload my entire iTunes library with one click.

So my music collection is backed up and accessible online. Sweet! If it wasn't free, I'd pay for the service.


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