Friday, November 10, 2006


Here it is - Friday...

And time for a few more random musings.

I've been drifting and, while I have been absorbing reams of information and processing it okay, nothing is clicking. That's okay. Based on past experience, there's a change in my life coming and all will return to abnormal.

First, a recommendation - if the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is coming to your area, see them. I caught them at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indy Wednesday night and had a wonderful time. I'm not the world's most experienced concert goer, but I'd rate the show in the top 2 or 3 I've attended.

TSO is a rock-classical music hybrid who made their rep with a Christmas CD and relentless touring in the fall and winter months. They now have 3 Christmas CD's and an non-Christmas offering (Beethoven's Last Night) and are preparing to release another, to be called Night Castle.

TSO is a side project of the prog-metal band Savatage. The song Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) from the CD Dead Winter Dead became a surprise hit and the TSO was born.

Anyway - if you think Beethoven played at ear splitting volume by metal musicians backed by strings with danged HOT opera singers singing and dancing while pyrotechnics and a laser light show is going on, then TSO is just the ticket.

After last week's debacle in Minneapolis, the Hoosiers are home to Michigan tomorrow. Stranger things have happened, but I think we go into West Layflat needing a win to even the record at 6-6 and become bowl eligible.

Monday and Tuesday I'll be back at Conseco to see the Hoosiers in the pre-season NIT, along with Notre Dame, Butler and Lafayette College.

Last but not least - the election.

I voted. Libertarian again. Republicans suck and Democrats blow. Blah, blah, HUMBUG!

At least I've pretty much given up all pretence that I care anymore. Somebody call me when the revolution starts. Just be aware that I may not be as discriminating in my choice of targets as you might like.

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