Friday, January 30, 2015


Obama just cant help himself:


A “Putin army” of political operatives has been sent to the United States to help influence voting in the upcoming 2016 elections.

If you saw that headline, what would your reaction be?
Barack Obama continues to do all that he can to undermine Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The animosity between the two is well known, and now an “Obama army” of political operatives has been sent to Israel to help defeat Netanyahu in the upcoming elections. The “leader” of this “Obama army” is Jeremy Bird, who was the national field director for Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. But he has plenty of company. Just check out the following list that was compiled by WND… Besides Bird, the 270 Strategies team includes the following former Obama staffers:
•Mitch Steward, a 270 Strategies founding partner who helped the Obama campaign build what the U.K. Guardian called “a historic ground operation that will provide the model for political campaigns in America and around the world for years to come.”
Mark Beatty, a founding partner who served as deputy battleground states director for the Obama campaign. He had primary responsibility for Obama’s election plans for the battleground states. •Marlon Marshall, a founding partner at 270 Strategies who joins the team after holding several key positions in national Democratic politics, most recently as deputy national field director for the 2012 Obama campaign.
•Betsy Hoover, a founding partner who served as director of digital organizing on the Obama campaign.
•Meg Ansara, who served as national regional director for Obama for America where she was responsible for overseeing the 2012 programs in the Midwest and southern states.
Bridget Halligan, who served as the engagement program manager on the digital team of the 2012 Obama campaign.
•Kate Catherall, who served as Florida deputy field director for Obama’s re-election campaign. •Alex Lofton, who most recently served as the GOTV director of Cleveland, Ohio, for the 2012 Obama campaign.
•Martha Patzer, the firm’s vice president who served as deputy email director at Obama for America. •Jesse Boateng, who served as the Florida voter registration director for Obama’s re-election campaign.
•Ashley Bryant, who served most recently as the Ohio digital director for the 2012 Obama campaign.
•Max Clermont, who formerly served as a regional field director in Florida for Obama’s re-election campaign.
•Max Wood, who served as a deputy data director in Florida for the 2012 Obama campaign.
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As if we don't have enough problems in our own country...

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