Thursday, November 02, 2006



Wow. I guess I need to get caught up!

10/21 I guess I should have bet the farm. O$U thumped us but good.

10/28 The next opponent was Michigan State, which absorbed a 46-21 thrashing from the Hoosiers on a chilly, windy day in Bloomington. The game wasn't as close as the final score. The Hoosiers got sloppy in the final quarter and the Spartans got a couple of scores in garbage time.

I saw the game in person with my wife who was ostensibly a MSU fan - she is a Michigander (Michigoose?) by birth and has referred to the block IU as the Devil's pitchfork for the 25 years we've been married. I note that the wife was clapping along with the IU faithful by game's end. She has been here for 25 years now and is more Hoosier than she thinks.

The IU campus may be the most beautiful in the Big Ten, BTW. It's a great place to see a football game and the price is unquestionably the best in the Big Ten.

Minnesota is the Hoosiers next opponent. Win and we're bowl eligible. Lose and we have to beat Michigan at home or Purdue at West Layflat, neither of which is likely given recent history. It's not like we enjoy a heckuva lot of success against the Wolverines and our last visit to Ross-Ade got our coach fired following a truly inspiring performance - 63-24 was the final score.

The Colts are at Gillette for a game against the Patriots. It'd sure be nice to get them in the Dome for a change. I'd like to know what the scheduling gods have against us.

After two straight losses, the Fantasy Hoosiers returned to their winning ways last weekend. I am tied for 1st place with Fort Knocks.

10/31 The fairy princess (#1) and the puppy dog (#4) were over to go trick-or-treat tonight and made quite the haul. Wife and DiL were chilled by the end of the evening. I volunteered to stay with #5, who came as herself and required nothing more than a place to crash, which she did. And was quite cute about it.

Peyton Manning (#2) and the buzzy bee (#3) made an appearance to show off their haul. They had gone to Delphi for the evening.

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