Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Just to make sure I get it in before Saturday...

I'm predicting a win*, and it sure would be nice to win the Bucket and get bowl eligible AND beat the PUkes at Kool-Aid stadium in W. Layflat.

Given our track record, maybe I should lay off the hash brownies. They're as bad for my brain cells as they are for my waistline.

Last night the Hoosiers beat the Lafayette Leopards of the Patriot League in round one of the NIT Season Tip Off Tourney or whatever the heck they are calling it. Tonight, the Hoosiers take on the mighty Butler Bulldogs of the Pioneer League, who beat Notre Dame of the Big East last night.

Once again, I will be in the balcony - thanks Ticketmaster, you schmucks - cheering the Hoosiers on to victory.

11/15 UPDATE: Yeah, THAT happened. Hoosiers go down 60-55. The Bulldogs have a nice team and the Hoosiers were exposed as being basically clueless on offense. I suppose it comes from having to learn a new system and ... ah, &*%$, who cares? We'll try to get the next one. Congrats to the Bulldogs! May they win the whole thing!

The Hoosier futballers open their quest for yet another NCAA championship against Northern Illinois tomorrow night.

*Bear in mind I can edit this.

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