Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have - finally - signed up for Facebook...

and am unimpressed.

Signed up for Skype and part of the signup process was a pitch for Facebook, to which I succumbed. My family have all adopted the social network and so I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. It has all the depth of a Yahoo! comments page with the ability to at least filter the commenters, but the lack of depth which seems to be a hallmark of the site is annoying, at least to me. My wall is covered with graffiti and the sheer volume generated by just 9 friends is amazing.
I suspect that that at least two of them are professional content providers. How they find the time to post so much is beyond me.
60 degrees and the mid-winter thaw is well under way, as is my annual bout with hacking pain in the posterior lung problem I got this year, now entering its third month. Every year it gets harder to kick it and this year has been a real bitch. I've managed to stay out of the hospital this time - at least so far - but almost caved the night before last as I couldn't get my breath and my chest hurt from trying to hack up the latest hairball. Sleeping is the biggest problem. I'm tired all the time. I've begun medication, so we'll see how that works out.
I've been hard presssed not to drag the bike out for a ride, however brief, but, Lord, the last couple of days have been glorious. My last ride was on New Year's Eve (probably why I have pneumonia or something now) and the road calls. I have maintenance to perform before I will allow myself to get the bike out, and I mean to get it done before I talk myself out of doing it. Once the bike comess out, I'd rather ride than work on it. As my garage is not heated, if it's nice enough to ride, it's nice enough to work.
October was my last post, huh?


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