Sunday, August 16, 2015


Sunday Ride: Maumee and Port Charles

Battle of Fallen Timbers Monument

Another view.

On the shores of Lake Erie in Port Charles.


Across Northern Indiana through Fort Wayne - hit one of the biggest potholes I've ever hit - and hard. Had to retrieve a couple of things that popped out of my windshield pouches.

On to Defiance and basically a tour of historical markers. Nothing much else to see.

Headed on to Maumee and checked out the Battle of Fallen Timbers Monument then on through Toledo, where the Mud Hens had a home game - nice stadium and a welcome sign of life in an otherwise dead downtown - otherwise, a ride I'll likely never repeat. One fading and dirty industrial city is pretty much like any other.

Later - on to Port Charles and dinner by the like.

Hauled butt back to Fort Wayne at night, where I got soaked. Nothing more fun than riding through a driving rainstorm on the interstate. Not.

Back home. Tired, chilled, damp and feeling wonderful. Mrs. Hoosiertoo a little cranky, though.

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