Monday, November 20, 2006


The weekend in sports mostly sucked.

My fantasy team has gone south - after that 5-0 start I have now dropped to 6-5, unless Jeremy Shockey somehow accounts for 60 points -like THAT will happen. Depleted by injuries and schedule and there just aren't any quality replacements out there. I need to hope I make the playoffs and then go on a run.

The football Hoosiers lost to the PUkes 28-19 after blowing several opportunities in a game they coulda - shoulda - won. Unfortunately, all that counts is the score and we were on the wrong end.

The futball Hoosiers lost in a shootout (5-4) to UCSB. A goal-that-wasn't was only the icing on on a generally sorry day on offense.

The basketball Hoosiers did manage to thump Chicago State after nearly losing to Indiana State, but we still have a long row to hoe to get back to being truly competitive.

The Colts win streak is history. Even worse, they lost to Dallas. I wasn't entertaining any illusion they would go undefeated - the defense is suspect and we've played too many close games to think we were going to pull them all out. But I really dislike Dallas. Now let's get ready for the playoffs.

Jimmie Johnson won the Nextel Cup. I'm not much of a NASCAR fan - open wheel is where it's at - but I feel toward Junior fans pretty much like I feel toward PUkes, pUKes, Skankees, Cowgirls and any Chicago team's fans. A loss for you makes my day brighter! And, since nothing rankles a Junior fan as much as a Hendrick Motorsports team taking the title and, better still, Jeff Gordon is his car owner, I say, "Yay, Jimmie!"

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