Friday, February 06, 2015


It's February again...

Looking forward to riding season...

The freedom machine is in the shop. I got hit from behind after the Toy Run back in December. No injuries to anything but the bike, thank God! This time anyway...

I've been thinking about a "new" bike. Must be that time of year. Six more weeks of winter. Somebody kill that groundhog!


Have been catching up on some reading. The wife bought me a tablet for Christmas and the Kindle app is a beautiful thing. I didn't think I'd like e-books, and maybe I don't as much as a real book - there's something to physically holding a book, and the smell of an old book can't be duplicated.

I'm currently reading "That Hideous Strength" by C.S. Lewis. Even as science fiction, his Space Trilogy holds up remarkably well after all these years.

I recently polished off Vox Day's Selenoth offerings (Castalia House) - great stuff if you're into epic fantasy. Also John C. Wright's "One Bright Star to Guide Them." He's a writer in love with the language, much like Ray Bradbury to my mind.


Still don't post much. What posting I do is usually at websites where I can be the resident libertarian/Christian troll. It's more immediate feedback. If you care, most of my commenting is at If you don't, that's okay too.

Conservative websites have devolved lately, IMO.


I was posting at the aforementioned the other day and ran across a post from a user going by proteinwisdom. Dunno if it was Jeff Goldstein or not, but it jogged my memory. I used to read proteinwisdom quite a bit before I quit playing on the internet all the time. Unfortunately, when I went to check out the blog it was only to find that Jeff was hanging it up as of his 2/03/15 post. That's a shame. He's a heckuva writer and a great voice for liberty. I hope that was him at PJM and he's going to continue to make life miserable for the GOPe and progtards on the wider net. Thanks, Jeff!


Oh, well. Until next time - Live, laugh, love and may God Bless you all!

And may we never get what we truly deserve, please God.


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