Friday, October 06, 2006


It's Friday.

Danged if my fantasy opponent didn't get to within 9 pts when all was said and done. Green did not play and the Eagles destroyed the Packers. Thank goodness the Eagles pulled McNabb in the 4th or I might have lost!


The Hoosiers travel to Champaign to take on the Illwhini tomorrow. It might just be the last shot we have at a win for the rest of 2006.

Go Hoosiers!


Onomotopeia, every time I see ya, my senses tell me Hubba and I just can't disagree.

(courtesy of Todd Rundgren, who, if he hadn't written a smarmy break-up song when I was going through a divorce and drinking heavily - among other things - so I bought the album it was on and it also contained the ditty that the above snippet is from, should be shot. No, we can't be friends dammit.)


I hate when stuff like that leaks out of my brain.

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