Monday, October 16, 2006


Basketball season is here!

Midnight Madness Friday night!

Eric Gordon commits to IU!

Life is good.

"Basketball really had its beginning in Indiana, which remains today in the center of the sport." ~Dr. James Naismith

But we're still playing meaningful football games! Go IU!

Indiana 31 - #15 Iowa 28

Life is really good.

Hoeppner is the MAN!

Just wish we could have won the two games against SIU and UConn - both of which were eminently winnable.

Next up - O$U! Not likely to win at the Horseshoe against #1, but the last two weeks have been fun.

O$U is a 35 point favorite - not sure I'd bet the farm on that. IU was an 18 point dog to Iowa...

Need da Bears to win 42-0...

...and generate a couple of defensive TO's and scores.

Fantasy FB sucks when half your starters are off for Bye Week.

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