Monday, October 02, 2006


Monday, Monday...

My Hoosiers went on to lose to Wisconsin 52-17. And it wasn't that close.


The Colts won a sloppy game against the Jets at the Meadowlands. How long did that game-ending lateral fest last in real time? An hour? Yeesh. Next up is the woeful Titans.

Question of the week: Too many to list. Jacksonville looks like the second coming of the Bears defense in weeks one and two and...what happened?

Colts have a two game lead after four weeks. We need the cushion. We haven't looked sharp yet.

My fantasy team - also the Hoosiers - is unbeaten after four weeks. Although this week's matchup won't be decided until after tonight's game, I have a 49 point lead and I don't think that my opponent can make it up in one game. I still have points on the table with Green at RB for the Packers.

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