Sunday, January 29, 2012



Ron Paul for President! It's sure as death and taxes nothing much will change with the election of any of the bankster candidates. May as well support the only candidate who isn't proposing more of the same, only less. I've sent a few bucks Paul's way. He's not likely to win the nomination, but I haven't been happy with a Repugnicon candidate in many years now. 2012 probably won't be any different.

Much as I detest Barack Obama, I'll pull the lever for the Jackass-in-Chief just for spite if Romney is the Republican candidate. If it's Newt, I'll probaly go Constitution Party again.

Sons of Anarchy is my newest guilty TV pleasure. Thank God for for Netlix.

Update on my prior Roku review - I now have two of the amazing little boxes. Love 'em to death.

Update on my prior Verizon comments. Still hate 'em. Will switch when the current contract ends. Love my Samsung Convoy phone though. Simply superb.

Here's hoping Jim Irsay isn't channeling Al Davis. You'd think grownups would know better than to play Tweet Wars. Yeesh.

The Hoosiers and Pacers are back to respectable. The weather has been simply awesome for winter so far at least. The Super Bowl is in Indy. Ain't God good to Indiana? Yay!

I rarely feel the urge to post on this blog. I'd very much rather be on a motorcycle going nowhere in particular. Now you know why. Life is Good. God is Great. Live well and prosper, good reader!


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