Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Waiting for spring...

Not THE motorcycle...
It snowed again - not much at all -last night.
This is sitting in the side yard waiting to be dragged into the garage, where it will act as an impediment to smooth marital relations until the wife is allowed to park in the garage again.
Come spring, it will become roadworthy once again. My brother seems to think it is the perfect bike to let Dad ride, although I suspect Dad is long past the time he should be on a motorcycle.
It is a 1977 - I think - Honda CB750A that belongs to my brother. I totalled one of these about 15 years ago on I-65 in downtown Indy, but that's another story.

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Beautiful, in so many ways.

There's no steel in nature. Anyone from the Bronze Age could have told you that. All nature has is a potential for steel.
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