Monday, December 10, 2007


Extra-curricular crap from the Pacers - again...


"I also hope they cut out the extra-curricular crap that has given the franchise and the city a black eye over the past few seasons." - Oct 29, 2007

A vain hope as it turns out:

Indiana Pacers team leaders Sunday publicly admonished Jamaal Tinsley for
being out at a time and place that put him in harm's way -- in the sights of
someone wielding an assault rifle -- and said it's time for professional
athletes to make "smarter" decisions.

Someone in a group of people fired on cars carrying Tinsely and his
friends outside the Conrad Hotel in Downtown Indianapolis early Sunday.
Pacers equipment manager Joey Qatato was shot in both elbows.

Tinsley & Co are just lucky that thugs (of whatever race) seem to be reliably bad shots. In this case the shooter fired .223's into the Rolls that was occupied by Tinsley and equipment manager Joey Qatato and managed to wound Qatato in both elbows.

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