Monday, October 29, 2007


It's probably just me ...

In January, the Colts won the Super Bowl. This year, I haven't quite got with the program. The 7-0 start is great and all, but my level of enthusiasm isn't quite the same. I'd hate to think I'm that easily jaded, but...


The evil New England Patriots are coming to town . The hype machines are in full spin and though I know that this will go a long way toward determining home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs, I have a hard time getting all that worked up over a regular season game.

While watching my Red Sox, It occurred to me that I am not nearly as excited about their Series win in '07 as I was in '04, maybe because it had been so long waiting and hoping for the first win.

I am emphatically NOT a bandwagon fan - my allegiance to the Sox goes back to the early 60's. My son is named for Yaz, although spelled with a "K." I had no local team to root for back then. There was some talk of an MLB team for Indy way back when, but the franchises in Chicago and Cincinnati were against the idea due to a loss of fan base.

To this day I detest all things Chicago and actively root against their sports teams. The White Sox and Cubs for obvious reasons and the Bears just because. Same for Cincy, although my antipathy toward Cincy doesn't rise to anywhere near the level I reserve for Chicago.

Although dropping the series to the Reds in '75 was more than a little annoying...

Anyway -

The Red Sox are world champs!


BTW, my affinity for the Sox doesn't mean I am any less desirous of a pasting of the Patriots by my Colts. I'm going out on a limb and predicting Colts by a touchdown over New England.

Go Blue!

It's been a long time since I felt good about the Indiana Pacers. When I was a kid and the Pacers were in their old ABA glory years I loved the team. Now, I would love to see them do well, but as a product I find the NBA to be less than compelling. I would love to see the NBA adopt international rules.

The regular season is nearly meaningless. Oh well.

The Pacers are about to open their season. They aren't expected to do much, so I won't be too disappointed if they don't set the league on fire, but I hope they give me a reason to cheer.

I also hope they cut out the extra-curricular crap that has given the franchise and the city a black eye over the past few seasons.

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