Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Let's Make A Deal! NOT...

I've been saying all along that this election is about breaking the GOPe. I thought all along that Cruz would be the best candidate. I've been saying for some time that if it's got to be Trump, the goal is still to break the GOPe. Cruz, then Trump - because the GOPe has to be broken to build a true opposition party.

I've sometimes wondered aloud if Trump might just be TPTB answer to voter unrest. And now, it turns out that that is likely the case.
I've watched over the past couple of weeks as the GOPe has come out in support of Trump and, suddenly, I'm in the same position I have been for the last 7 elections. The GOPe can make a deal with Trump? Well, sorry. Not interested.
Donald Trump has been on the wrong side of every issue I care about, and all of a sudden he's done a 180 and I DON'T TRUST HIM. If - and it's a big if - he follows through on what he says he'll do on immigration, I'll be amazed. I suspect he'll find a way to make a deal on that issue too.
I'm sick of cronyism. I'm sick of watching our freedom being whittled away day after day, administration after administration. I'm sick of seeing our joke of a legislative body allowing presidents to rule by executive fiat and unaccountable bureaucracies.
And I'm tired. If it's not Cruz, then I'm done. I've already stopped giving even token money to the GOP, even on the state level. If it turns out it's Trump, my vote - as if my one vote ever really mattered - will go elsewhere.

In 8 years, assuming the actuaries are wrong, I'll hopefully be retired and sucking up some of the gravy I've been giving everyone else to suck up in the form of my taxes ever since I was 14 years old. And I simply won't give a damn any more. It will no longer be my headache.
Good luck, Millennials. You're going to need it.

Hi Hoosiertoo, I followed the link you posted in response to Chas Martin. Nice blog! I'm with a group of people who have a conservative blog although I spend most of my time on PJMedia these days and don't have many posts there. Flo (of Flo Mac) is a condensed version of my long-time posting nic - floranista. Ta daaa!

Anyway, I couldn't agree with what you wrote more. Maybe Trump can do it, we'll see if he was serious in his comments today of ending the Senate filibuster for legislation and thinking a gov't shutdown might be a good thing.
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