Saturday, January 09, 2016


Audit the FED

Senator Rand Paul has introduced and "fast-tracked" S.2232, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2015. But...
  1. We must act fast -- BEFORE JAN. 12, 2016! -- to demand of Congress: Audit the Fed! I sent a letter to my "representatives" in Congress using Downsize DC's "Audit the Fed" campaign. I'm going to share my letter with you, so you can copy and paste it.
  2. But you shouldn't act alone. We need others to join us in sending a letter to Congress. Numbers matter. So, reach out to five people who will passionately agree and ask them to join you.
This is doubly important, because…
There's a long-term STRATEGY at work…
Downsize DC is focused on its original intent -- building an army so large that it can exert overwhelming pressure on Congress to make them submit.
Our goal for this year -- recruit 100,000 people to pressure Congress. This issue is a chance to further that goal. Find people who agree that the Fed should be audited, and ask them to send a message to Congress.
The hardwired letter to Congress at the Audit the Fed campaign starts this way…
It's time to "Audit the Fed." You must PASS S. 2232 the Federal Reserve Transparency Act.
To which, I added…
The Fed regulates banks, influences interest rates, and determines the size of our money supply. The Fed's policies determine the value of our money, the health of the economy, and the rates we pay to borrow.
But for too long, the Federal Reserve Board has acted under a cloak of secrecy.
But the economic consequences of Fed policies can be just as devastating to our lives as are taxes, regulations, and even war...
Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky introduced the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2015. It expands congressional oversight of the Fed and gives the Government Accountability Office the authority to review its monetary policy decisions. Now, the bill is "fast tracked" and scheduled for a vote on January 12.
I insist that you vote to Audit the Fed. Support the Federal Reserve Transparency Act. I'll be watching what you do.
After you send your letter to Congress forward this message to five friends that you think probably support the idea of Auditing the Fed. Ask them to join you in sending a letter. Good luck.
Jim Babka
Downsize DC
No matter how you feel about Rand Paul as a candidate for president, he understands the need to rein in the FED.

Now is the time.

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