Monday, March 04, 2013


Two years later-

and after posting erratcally at best - I have deleted my Facebook account. What a waste of time. The best thing about this blog is that I can post whatever drivel suits me, since no-one reads it anyway. And if I don't log in, like, hardly ever, who cares anyway?

I've cancelled my Facebook account also. It was a waste of time, I was losing too many "friends" and it was just another opportunity for some to be snarky. I much prefer my blog also. THANK YOU for visiting mine and leaving a comment. So happy to hear from another Believer. Looks like we also share a love for 2 wheels and the Libertarian principles of smaller, less intrusive gummit. :) Have a blessed Sunday. God bless to you and yours.
Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly
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