Thursday, June 17, 2010


Notre Dame and the Big 10-11-12-whatever...

I was discussing this issue with a Purdue alum yesterday. I was of the opinion that ND should stay independent. He was ambivalent; ND is a rivalry game after all. I think the rotting corpse of ND football in South Bend is good for the other BCS schools in Indiana and Illinois. If ND is "forced" to join a conference, I'd prefer it to be the Big lEast. Were I in charge of the other Big Ten schools' athletic departments, ND would be off the schedule and left to stew in its own past glory - hopefully to stay in the past. ND doesn't belong in the Big 10-11-12 academically or culturally. It's a shame that so many of the same old folks who remember what ND used to be (in legend if not in fact) are the same folks who think ND would be a good fit for the Big Ten. The B10 probably isn't done expanding; Notre Dame should be left out of the discussion.


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