Thursday, May 20, 2010


Nice win for Rand Paul in Kentucky!

Unfortunately, the bifactional ruling coalition isn't about to roll over, and Rand Paul, assuming the PTB don't manage to derail his campaign, is likely to be as marginalized in the Senate as Ron Paul is in the House.

The way the parties control the political process you about have to take over a party from the grassroots up to change anything, and that has to happen on a state-by-state basis.

Third party activity is actually counterproductive. The winner-take-all approach to elections and the inability of third parties to change election laws at the state level precludes 3rd parties from anything but the spoiler role. The Paul win is nice, but just winning an election changes nothing where it counts. Our dumbed down electorate will continue to suck down Kool-Aid and return the same old progressives to power, albeit with different names, more often than not.

Democracy ensures the election of the best panderers, and the best panderers are big gummint "progressives." Rand Paul, like his father, will likely be just another exception that proves the rule.


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