Wednesday, April 29, 2009


RINO Specter a Demonrat

...and also a liar.

Sen. Arlen Spector: ‘To Eliminate Any Doubt, I Am a Republican’

One RINO down; quite a few more to go. Snowe of ME should be shown the door so she can hit it too.


I am a Hoosier, too!

Yes, Snowe is a RINO for sure and has been for some time.

We need Republicans to remember that they are conservatives and that Christian values are at the core of the party and its constituency. Until Republicans go back to being more Reagan and less McCain we will have big troubles!
Hi, radar! Thanks for the visit and for the comment. It's not quite as lonely here as it looks, but it's close. I redid the template and all my haloscan comments went away.

Have you considered the Contitution Party?
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