Friday, April 24, 2009


Really good, without hyperbole!

Jim Babka writing at Positive Liberty -
If you’ve never been to, I encourage you to visit. We provide a free to the user program that we call the Educate the Powerful System. With your basic contact information, you can find out who your Representative and Senators are, and then, send them a personalized message, simultaneously (no need to go to all three sites and input all your information each time). Register once, and you’re done with that too — no need to redo the process when you use the site again. Plus, you’ll get a subscription to the Downsizer-Dispatch. The benefit of using our system is that you’re not alone in sending your messages. 24,900+ people receive the Dispatch each day.


As a more-or-less orthodox Catholic - that is, a social conservative - I obviously take issue with my more socially liberal brethren at Positive Liberty and other such sites, but this is a great site. The ability to hit all of my congresscritters at the same time is, if not priceless, then wonderfully convenient.

Babka's post on the evil's of HR 875 Really Bad (Without Hysterical Exaggeration) is spot on. It is a farm safety bill that would be a disaster for farmers and the rest of us. You can see information on HR 875, including the whole text of the bill, at No exaggeration, this bill is a disaster in waiting.


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