Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Go Tell It On The Mountain!

If we weren't both already married, I'd propose to this woman, sight unseen, based solely on the contents of this beautiful rant!
Save me the arguments that my (tax) money funds the betterment of society. It obviously doesn’t when 1 in 30 of our citizens are in the criminal justice system, as much as forty percent of our high schoolers drop out before graduation, a scandalous number of non-performing public schools, warehousing ignorant children, are still in existence and we have up to 70% out of wedlock birth rates standing alongside the total disintegration of normal family units in significant segments of society. My money hasn’t done diddley shit for the generations of shiftless idiots unable to carry their own water, except exacerbate the growth of disgustingly useless government programs that induced these ills to epidemic heights. - Daphne at Jaded Haven

Ahhh! Read the whole rant, and then hang around to sample Daphne's site. Some good stuff there.


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