Monday, January 19, 2009



kel, for one, is apparently happy that this blog has turned, at least temporarily, into a consumer blog. This post, then, should make kel happy.

Netflix by Roku - Still happy as a clam. The unit had no off button, which puzzled me at first. It's a minor annoyance; I have it plumbed into the DVD player, which is programmed to pick out the first signal it reads and default to it, so I have to manually switch to satellite or VCR if I'm doing something besides watching Netflix. I found out why the Roku had no off button when I had to do a power down on the network. I had to go through the setup again. All the information was still there and it only took a couple of seconds, though. I wonder what happens if the power goes off?

I'm thinking about bumping my download speed up to take advantage of the new High Definition capability being offered by Netflix and Roku.

MagicJack - I was notified that they had received the faulty unit and that a refund would appear on my next statement, unless I was never billed. I was and I wasn't, so we'll see. Still more impressed with the return than I was with the hardware and the support.

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