Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Do NOT buy a magicJack ....

I ordered and received a magicJack this past week and was not at all happy with it. The order process went well; it arrived in a timely fashion and all seemed right with the world.

I followed instructions and plugged it in and waited for it to load itself, happily anticipating the moment I could finally tell Embarq to take their overpriced service and go away.

The nightmare ensued.

The unit would not self-install correctly, and even worse corrupted the registry causing my optical drives to malfunction. Well - okay. MagicJack's website offered up live tech assistance 24/7. No problems, right? Ummm - technical support was a nightmare. Of course, 24/7 support means foreigners typing instructions in a chat format, following a script that may, or most likely doesn't, address your actual problem. After 5 hours of following the written instructions of various "levels" of tech support all following the same script, I gave up.

Unfortunately, by the time I was done, not only were the optical drives messed up, but the last tech wizard, who went by the name of "Dover" also managed to screw up my internet connection - I'm pretty sure purposely. Spent about an hour and a half getting the PC back to normal, which involved a recovery to a time before the install, and a registry repair. So, 7 hours of wasted time so far.

My best experience of the whole ordeal was getting the return authorization to send the damned thing back. Now if my card gets credited promptly, I'll write the whole experience off as a bad idea and forget it.

I might add that Microsoft's guided support was awesome. It made the registry repair a snap.

I did save the chats to a text file, if anyone is interested.

Based on my experience, I can't recommend magicJack. Their website included no phone numbers to talk to a live rep and the overall feel of the site was sketchy. Technical Assistance was worse than useless. If you are planning to buy a magicJack, think twice.

I hate Embarq, but unless something comes along a lot better than magicJack, I guess I'm stuck.

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