Sunday, December 07, 2008


I call BS on the BCS.

Before the BCS, the writers and coaches conspired to rob more deserving teams of a championship decided by writers and coaches and not on the field. It wasn't a championship then. Since the inception of the BCS, the writers and coaches have conspired to rob more deserving teams of a chance at winning a "championship" game whose participants are decided by writers and coaches. It ain't a championship now.

A "Mythical National Championship" game is still a just an overhyped bowl game that decides - wait for it - the winner of a single bowl game. In this case it's likely to include one team that lost to another eligible team in a head-to-head matchup. Even worse, the numbskulls in charge of the Big 12 allowed writers, coaches and computers to decide the conference's championship game representative. What kind of joke is that?

Until the NCAA decides to actually have a playoff based on criteria decided on the field and not by the whims of writers, coaches and computers - you know, like for Divisions II and III - there is not a Division I champion and never has been. The winner of the Division I "championship" game is still going to be a mythical champion. If you're going to crown a mythical national champion, the old way at least preserved the integrity and tradition of the bowls.

The championship should be decided on the field. Until it is, the bowl season is becoming less and less relevant. Don't give me any of that "and 1" crap either. When does bowl season end now? February?


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