Monday, October 27, 2008


Lying Liars Lying

or at least obfuscating...
Steve Buyer has supported Bush's losing economic policies, voted for massive federal deficits and allowed billion dollar bailouts that will be paid for by taxpayers for generations to come.
Just received another campaign missive from Nels Ackerson.* It's loaded with standard politico twaddle, such as this jewel:
...Steve Buyer has been in Washington too long, and he has been too partisan.
He goes on to promise to
"...reach across party lines and confront the excessive partisanship that has crippled the political process."
He also castigates Buyer for not bringing home enough pork to the 4th District.
...the 4th District has fallen to the bottom in the nation in receiving federal contracts.
Buyer is one of the few politicians of either party to vote against the massive bailout of the banks and financial sector- twice. I've already castigated both Bayh (D) and Lugar (R) in this blog - how's that for bi-partisan? - for conspiring to foist this unprecedented power grab off on the American people.

Ackerson conveniently forgets that Congress has been Demonrat controlled for the past two years and that the bailout was a BI-PARTISAN debacle. The political process CALLS for principled opposition on occasion. If the federal deficit is enormous - and it is - Ackerson should bemoan the bi-partisan effort it took to create it instead of promising CHANGE by promoting more of the same.

I suspect that Ackerson isn't planning to vote for Mr. Bi-Partisan himself, John McCain. Just sayin'.

As for not bringing home the pork, even if it is true (it's not) - so what? I'd be much more interested in sending less of Hoosiers' hard-earned dollars to the thieves in Washington to begin with, and while Buyer could certainly do a better job of that, I see no indication that Ackerson could either a.) bring more home or b.) send less to begin with. Sending Ackerson to Congress to beg largesse for the 4th from Pelosi and the rest of the Demonrat leadership in exchange for supporting such abominations as FOCA hardly seems like a good idea to me.

Real change would involve breaking up the bi-factional love fest in US politics and electing libertarians and true citizen legislators instead of career politicians - such as Nels Ackerson (or Buyer, for that matter) to power. Given the lack of alternatives, I feel much better about my vote for Steve Buyer.

*I keep wanting to type Ackerman.


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