Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As promised...

A couple of days ago I posted my picks for POTUS, Indiana Governor, and 4th District Representative. Today, I reveal my choices for state and local offices. You may unbate your breath now.

State Attorney General - Greg Zoeller (R)
Superintendent of Puplic Instruction - Tony Bennett (R)
State Rep - Dist 38 - Jacque Clements (R) Held my nose on this one. Her opponent was an absolute cipher. During a Q & A session with the local fishwrap, I don't think he gave an answer longer than a sentence, and agreed with Clements on virtually every issue. I went with experience, even though I wish there would have been a stronger candidate.

Local Offices:

County Prosecutor - Justin Hunter (R) Mainly because I don't like his opponent.
County Commissioner D1 - Michael Beard (R) His opponent is the ex-County Coroner, a Democrat who gave up his seat to run for Commissioner. The coroner's position will be filled by a Republican who is running unopposed. Go figure.

The only Democrat in the County Council At-Large race, when asked what he hoped to accomplish if elected replied, according to the Frankfort Times:

"First of all, try and learn the job," he said, "and not lose touch with them (constituents)."
Phipps has no specific plans for the months leading up to the election, but intends to connect with as many residents as possible.
"Just to let everyone know I'm doing it, and see how it goes," he said. "I'll be campaigning at the gas station when I'm pumping gas."
(In case anyone wonders why I didn't vote for any Democrats, that's a big reason why.)

Of the justices up for retention, the only one I voted "NO" on was Theodore R Boehm.

In every case, my vote went to the more pro-life candidate, or if there was no real data to ascertain who the pro-life candidate was, I went with the candidate most likely to be for smaller government and fiscal restraint.

I was disappointed that there were so many unopposed races. I think I may toss my hat in the ring next time around. Maybe even as a Demonrat. Think the party is ready for a pro-life Catholic libertarian?


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