Monday, September 29, 2008



The Paulson Plan as modified by the idiots in Congress was defeated! I've been watching the fearmongers go into full scale panic mode on CNN, MSNBC, etc. while I drink beer and laugh at the buffoons.

I not under any illusion that we're not going to get the shaft eventually, but it is nice to see that some representatives at least listened to their constituents and thought better of trying to ram this through before the election.

But for now, the bill is dead, the beer is cold and I'm happy.

Update: 11/30 - Watched a couple of the morning shows this morning. I've never seen so many people trying to blow smoke up the public's asses. It'd be funny if it wasn't so serious - no, wait! It's just funny.

I did actually see a couple of analysts - I didn't catch any names - admit that the bailout was a short term feel-good bandaid and that the real pain was still to come. Didn't catch names, but kudos to them!


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