Monday, June 23, 2008


If I had to post a photo...

that expressed my life over the past couple of months, it would be a picture of my navel. Fortunately for you all, that is a photo that will not be posted; many years of beer and food in copious quantities have not been kind to my navel. I have, however, spent an inordinate amount of time engaged in gazing at my navel recently; that is, when not engaged in contemplation of all things ozone.

My rut is beginning to resemble a Habitrail.


Well, as long as you can still see your navel the damage can't be all that bad... ;-)
A follow up to your comment on my blog. Wasn't sure if you'd go back to see it.

We thought it was cool you saw him in 1981. My wife thinks that is the year he was killed, so you might have seen one of the last concerts he gave. My wife is a huge fan. I enjoy his music, but in doses.
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