Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Um, here I am...

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I really haven't felt like playing on the blogs.

It's not as if my life has been mundane of late - there is actually no shortage of material for any number of posts - but my desire to document the doings has been nearly nil.

I hope to work my way back into the swing of things, so expect more regular posting (like I've ever been meticulous about posting regularly) and thank-you to kel and 2nd gen for checking up on me.

I did take some pics and they will be posted in more-or-less chronological sequence.

I actually bought a new camera during the hiatus; it's a 10 megapixel GE with face recognition and other goodies. It doesn't make me a better photographer, but it did ensure that I would have to get different cables to upload the pics from the camera.

Anyway, I apologize for the long absence. Pictures to come soon!


I am glad to know that life is mudane and that nothing awful happened!! Welcome back!
BTW...I use a card reader to suck the pictures out of my camera and skip all that cable/software stuff.
Good to see you again. :-)
He's back! He's BAAAAAACK!

(miss you? me? what makes you think that?)
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