Thursday, March 13, 2008


Why are we there again?

My nephew, Nick, called my brother this afternoon. His Bradley ran over an IED this morning and it blew. The Bradley rolled over and was burning. Nick's sergeant pulled an unconscious Nick out of the wreckage. I guess the sergeant got his knee taken out.

At least they're alive, if bruised and battered. The Bradley also ran over an IED yesterday, but it didn't go off until after the Bradley was by it. He's in Diyala Province, which seems to be a hot spot. Twelve (I've only been able to find reference to 8) American GI's got killed in that area yesterday. They've been seeing a lot of action.

Update: 3/16

Talked to my brother yesterday, Nick still has tinnitus and he's a little sore, but otherwise as good as can be expected

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