Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Someone gets it.

If you've made any sense at all of why Congress and the President are promoting illegal immigration and present international trends, you surely see what's in store if we continue to drift along with the two parties. We'll have an Americanadamex nation organized on economic principles--a large peasant class to compete with China, a tech/middle management class, and the managers. Welcome to the age of international corporatism, "Rollerball," not "Brave New World" or "1984." Bernard Gross called it "Friendly Fascism." No, it's no great conspiracy; it's nothing more than allowing power to drift as it wishes. It seems everyone wants the US to dissolve into corporatism. The UN desires it. The Euros, having done it themselves, desire it. Multinational corporations desire it. And our own government, increasingly modeled upon corporate principles, apparently desires it as well.
- DuMaurier-Smith

This is what your Democrat and Republican overlords want for you. Is it what you want for yourselves? For your children? For your grandchildren?

Someone said that the surest sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Why do you keep pulling the lever? Some say that voting, any vote for any candidate, merely validates the system that enslaves you. I don't agree, yet. There has to be mechanism for change and the ballot, used intelligently, is the only peaceful method as long as change is still possible - and it is.

The time may, probably will, come when bullets must replace ballots. Before you get too excited about that statement, remember that the people who founded this nation did so at the point of a gun. Today, our government would label them domestic terrorists and eliminate them proactively.

In the meantime, vote. But at least try a different lever.

Do you really think the corporatists care which candidate you vote for in 2008 if your only option is between McCain or Hillybama? There are other options. Look at the Libertarians or the Constitution Party and consider voting for them.

Let me perfectly clear. You will not cast a vote for a winner by doing so. You will hasten the demise of the Republican Party, which is virtually indistinguishable from its Democratic counterpart ideologically anyway. The only saving grace of the GOP has been the vocal contingent of classic liberals and libertarians, and they are currently being kicked to the curb - if you doubt it, read the op-ed by the Anchoress that DuMaurier-Smith is responding to.


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