Friday, January 11, 2008


Interlude - To: 365 Bloggers

I've now gone to most of the 365 blogs and deposited comments on the ones that looked like they were being maintained. I didn't know anyone, but WTH. You only go 'round once in life, so you might as well say "Hi!" to everyone.

I like to say, "Hi!" or wave to complete strangers; the puzzled looks are priceless.

Feel free to comment. Visit my other blog, lots to see and do. Feel free to throw rotten fruit at your monitor.


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At last!
A use for all my rotten fruit.
Nice blog :-) No, seriously. I added your link to mine. Be interesting to see how many 365ers actually stick with it all the way... I hope we all do.
It will be interesting to see how many carry through to the end...and I've added you to my links. BTW I'm 2ndgenamer.....
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