Monday, January 28, 2008


If Diet Coke was liquor...

I'd be a candidate for rehab...


And to think we believed them when they said, 'Coke does NOT contain cocaine!' There's their dirty little addiction-forming secret...
Is that just from one day!
Artificial sweetners are unhealthy. You should switch to regular Coke.

Have you won anything with all those coded caps?
I average 20 oz every other waking hour. In the summer I may drink ten a day.

I have been known to stop at the c-store for a 44 oz fountain drink for the ride home and stop at the one in my town 14 miles later for a refill. Keep in mind I work nights, so I drink this before going to bed.

In short, I drink a lot of the stuff.

In the winter I down a pot or three of coffee a day and only two or three Diet Cokes. I think this pic represents a two day pile, not counting the 3 or 4 caps at home.
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