Wednesday, January 02, 2008



Some one introduced her to "Puff the Magic Dragon."

Good on them.

Elise spent the night last night. When she got up this morning, she was singing the chorus to "Puff" - getting the words mostly wrong, of course. She is just 4, going on 5.

I sang along with her a little bit, and then got her onto YouTube, where I found a video of Peter, Paul and Mary performing the song live. She listened, twice even! Then, because she is after all 4-going-on-5, she got bored with watching old farts singing paeans to their lost youth, so we found "You Are a Pirate!" from Lazytown and she listened to that too.

After that, Grandma got her dressed to go outside. I took a picture of her out there, but Grandma being a grandma, all I could see was her pretty grey eyes and a wisp of blonde hair behind a big blue scarf.


Yar har, fiddle dee dee
Being a pirate is alright with me!

Elise has got a killer smile. What a beautiful girl!
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