Thursday, December 20, 2007


Secession is in the air.


WASHINGTON - A group of "freedom-loving" Lakota activists announced a plan
Wednesday for their people to withdraw from treaties their forefathers signed
with the U.S. government.Headed by leaders of the American Indian Movement,
including activist, actor and Porcupine resident Russell Means, the group
dropped in on the State Department and the embassies of Bolivia, Venezuela,
Chile and South Africa this week seeking recognition for their effort to form a
free and independent Lakota nation. The group plans to visit more embassies in
the coming months. - Argus Leader

There's some little bit of speculation as to how the "secession" will play out from Neo-Con(federate)s on the web. Apparently they've been smoking the same whacky tobaccy as Means, et al. It's telling that the self-appointed tribal leaders picked such staunch friends of the U.S. as allies in their quest for recognition.

This is, of course, a hot topic of discussion in Rapid City - I found all of six comments to the Argus Leader article - all negative. All told, almost as newsworthy as other secession movements - New Hampshire and South Carolina come to mind.

You'd think activists would have better things to do.

"Indian Reservations...are..confronted by nearly insurmountable economic
problems. These problems and their consequences have given recervations the not
very flattering label of "slums in the wilderness." (Hagan, 1971,1972) ... A
closer look at Indian reservations often shows that because of their isolated
locations, poor natural resources, and limited economic potential there is
a high degree of marginality." - Indian Reservations in the United
, Klaus Frantz, 1999

Seems like a great bet for successful independence. How many casinos can the nation support anyway?

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