Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Proof that not ALL National Review Online...

columnists have gone over to the dark side - endorse Romney? Are you kidding me?

John Derbyshire endorses Ron Paul:

If you think that our efforts against jihadist terrorism constitute World War Four (I don't), you will not want Ron Paul for president. (Jonah Goldberg's article "The Tradition of Ron Paul" in the Dec. 17 issue of National Review is key reading in that context.) If you think there would be a whole world of difference between what Hillary Clinton would accomplish in the Rome-of-the-Borgias down there on the Potomac, by comparison with what Rudy, or Fred, or Mitt would accomplish, you won't be supporting Paul.

If, however, you think that much of the underbrush that has grown up around our national institutions this past 40 years needs to by pulled up by the roots and burned, before it chokes the life out of our Republic, then Paul's your man.

There isn't much difference between idling over a cliff or going hell bent for election - over the cliff you'll go. Better to stop before you get to the edge and reverse course. As C.S. Lewis has said: if we've taken the wrong path, the true progressive is the one who turns back first.

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