Saturday, December 29, 2007


A little about where...

Since this is "practice" before actually starting the project on 01/01/08, I thought it would be approriate to give you a glimpse of my world. Yesterday I posted a pic of my desk. Today, to get an idea of what "normal" looks like to me, here is a view out my window at work:

It's 10:30 am and a cold, dreary day - pretty typical for Indiana this time of year. It's been a wet winter so far...
This view is looking west toward Lafayette's south side. The trucks and trailers have been through the shop for repairs and are parked waiting for their owners to claim them. The smoke stack is at A.E. Staley's south plant. When the wind is out of the WSW, you can smell it. Staley renders corn into syrup, which finds its way into just about everything you eat or drink that's been processed. As a matter of fact, that tank trailer on the right is probably used to haul the syrup.
The view to the east is dominated by a Subaru assembly plant. The shop is in an industrial park that is still under development; if you've ever seen one, they aren't the most aesthetically pleasing places on the planet.
I actually live about 14 miles east of here, in a little town of about 1500, surrounded by farmland - pictures to come, I'm sure. This part of Indiana is on edge of the Eastern Prairie. It's cut up by the Wabash Valley and the various forks of the Wildcat Creek, so some places are heavily wooded and hilly.


"I love the smell of corn syrup in the morning."

I have to be honest, I've never actually thought about how corn is rendered into syrup. Now I must do research.

I hope the view on the drive home is a happier one than what you are subjected to at work...
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