Sunday, December 02, 2007


Hoosiers to play 13...

IU will meet Oklahoma State in the Insight Bowl on New Years Eve. It will be the first bowl appearance for the Hoosiers since 1993.

Having been around for the Bill Mallory era and the subsequent descent into mediocrity or worse, I couldn't be happier for the Hoosiers. That the appearance will come following the death of the coach who helped revive the program is bittersweet, but Coach Bill Lynch and the team have certainly done their best to make the late Terry Hoeppner proud.

Go Hoosiers!


I'm somewhat disappointed that the Hoosiers got sent to Tempe as I could have attended the Motor City bowl in Detroit, and Central Michigan would have been a logical matchup for a team so long out of the picture.

Instead, Purdue will play CMU for the second time this season, and it would be a major upset if they were to lose. The rest of the matchups for the B10 look to be tough. LSU-tOSU looks to be a repeat of the title game last year, in which tOSU was exposed by Florida. Illinois will likely get thumped by USC. Michigan is toast in their matchup with Florida. Wisconsin (vs. Tennessee) and MSU (vs. BC) also have tough draws. At first glance, Penn State (against TAMU), IU and Purdue look to be the only wins this year, and of those three, all but Purdue will be toss-ups.

Not looking forward to listening to how weak the B10 is for the next year. Again.


The basketball Hoosiers got by the Salukis, 64-51, Saturday night behind 22 points from freshman Eric Gordon, who is a beast. Not likely he'll be here next year, but I'd love to have him on campus for a couple of seasons.

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