Wednesday, December 26, 2007


40-odd degrees and sunny by noon - and that means...

...hoosiertoo went for a ride!

Getting out of the mire that passes for my driveway at this time of year was the worst part of the whole ride. There was snow in the ditches still and the road, where shaded, was damp. I'll take it though!

I put in about 40 miles before I had to go to work. It was GREAT! There are several good-sized creeks on the route I took to the Wabash valley - SR 25 through Delphi. The scenery was gorgeous, even with no leaves on the trees. With the row crops down, you can see for miles, and on the county roads you can encounter stuff like this:

Lancaster Bridge over the Wildcat Creek is about six miles from my house. There are no leaves this time of year of course. Farther upstream is Adams Mill covered bridge near Cutler, IN.
I'll have to post some current pictures. Anyway, being in the wind again was fantastic.

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