Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Sometimes the good guys lose...

Going south to the city of Frankfort, Incumbent Republican Don Stock lost by about 100 votes to Independent Chris Pippenger. Pippenger received 1164 votes. 1067 people voted for Stock. - wlfi.com

As a non-resident of Frankfort, I really didn't have a dog in the hunt for mayor, but I have to say that I think the city of Frankfort made a mistake by not re-electing Don Stock. I consider Don a friend, and have been privileged to teach CCD with him on Sundays and to play Devil's advocate in discussions concerning the many issues facing Frankfort.

I have seen Mayor Stock grow as a person and as a mayor over the past couple of years. I think Chris Pippenger has a long learning curve - and a huge dose of reality - coming. I wish him well. I suspect Don, being the decent man I know him to be, will, in the end, come to see this loss as a blessing in disguise.

Frankfort is a city of 18000 or so and the county seat for Clinton county; 2869 people came out to vote in the mayoral election.


Politics is a much different animal when it becomes personal. I wouldn't be caught dead voting for a national Democrat and have only reluctantly pulled the lever for the occasional Republican. I have pulled the lever for both parties in races where I have personally known the candidates I voted for to be men of quality and honor. I've never had the chance to cast a vote for Don Stock. I would have been more than pleased to do so.

Even if he was a damned Republicrat.


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